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Needless to say, Venice is a unique city of its kind. No other city in the world can compare to this masterpiece, built on the water in the Lagoon and crossed by hundreds of canals throughout its extension. But Venice is not only one of the favorite destinations for tourists during their travels in Europe or their elopement in Italy. The most famous Carnival seat in the Old Continent has always been one of the most sought-after cities for couples, Italian and foreign, for their wedding. While you are walking through the “calli” of Venice or you are taking a gondola ride through the canals or you are eating an ice cream in the shadow of the Campanile in the sumptuous San Marco Square, it’s very much likely that you’ll see couples of newlyweds who have just got married in one of the many characteristic Venetian churches in the city and also on the islands overlooking the Lagoon, such as Murano or Sant’Erasmo. Venice represents the perfect scenario for a fairy tale, with its magical atmosphere suspended in time, where the citizens still have to submit to the laws of the sea, to low or high tide. Venturing into the heart of the city at sunset and getting lost in its many narrow streets while it gets dark and the fog begins to envelop the ancient noble palaces and the bridges over the canals is an experience impossible to forget.

In such a unique place, a wedding turns literally into a daydream. If you choose Venice for your wedding in Italy, be sure to find a professional Italian wedding photographer, avoiding to entrust one of the common wedding packages in Europe that offer sight unseen photography services.

I am Vins Massaro and I have been dealing with wedding photography in Italy for many years. If you have already planned your destination wedding in Venice, now is the time to decide how to capture the most memorable moments of that day and make them eternal. I am an artistic photographer who has always worked to perfect his technique and the interpretation of the emotions of the spouses, in order to create a unique and unrepeatable alchemy for their wedding.

photographer destination wedding intimate venice italy

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