Destination wedding photographer in Florence-Tuscany


Your intimate & artistic wedding photographer in Florence, Tuscany

Those who visit Florence fall in love with it at first sight. Those who choose Florence as a wedding destination will certainly not regret it. The truth is: it is impossible not to be entranced by the beauty of one of the most iconic cities of world art. Your intimate & artistic wedding photographer in Florence, Tuscany. Here the Italian Renaissance was born and developed, which delivered to Italy and the world a number of unreachable masterpieces by artists such as Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli. It is enough to venture into the city center to understand how this city is the absolute center of the most important artistic influences in the history of humanity. Florence looks like a postcard capable of giving something to be surprised at every corner. You can visit the sumptuous Piazza della Signoria, with its sculptures that seem alive, and then continue from there for a visit to one of the best known museums in the world: the Uffizi, where the greatest treasures of the Italian Renaissance are kept. Or pay a visit to Ponte Vecchio, the ancient bridge overlooking the Arno. For those who love art, Florence is the maximum of life. Not only the Uffizi, but also the Bargello Museum, the Accademia Gallery, the San Marco Museum.

And for those who want to remain open-mouthed in front of the masterpieces of architecture, just continue the walk to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and admire the incredible dome completed in 1436 by Brunelleschi, which still represents one of the largest works ever made by man. Just next to the Cathedral stands Giotto’s bell tower, which looks down on the square and the famous Baptistery. Getting married in Florence is an unparalleled choice and in order to make it memorable you will need a wedding photographer in Florence who knows every corner of this incredible city and enhances it with an intimate wedding photography, in line with the tastes of the newlyweds and their emotions. I’m Vins Massaro and I love Florence. Take a look at my works and contact me to shape your wedding experience in Florence with me.

Destination wedding photographer in Florence-Tuscany

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