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I am a storyteller and I will tell you about your wedding spontaneously. I prefer to capture the essence of each person, your character and your relationship with the people you love.
Everything that happens that day around me will be photographed, from the details to the most exciting moments, everything will be developed from my mind in an artistic and authorial key.
I am therefore a photojournalist photographer but it would be nice to stay 20 minutes with you to do couple shots with tranquility and without distractions, it will do you good to have a moment all for you.


I live in a small village in southern Italy, in Puglia but I dream of being able to live every year for a few months in a different country in the world, life is too short to live in one place.
I like traveling and discovering new places, like a child when he finds a new toy!
Wherever you get married I will be happy to join you and experience this new experience with you.
If you get married in the countryside of Puglia, in a historic village in Italy or among the glaciers of Iceland, write to me and I'll give you all the information.


I will be with you always during your wedding so I will be able to satisfy your requests and photograph some portraits with your families. I advise you to devote little time to portraits posing with the guests so you can enjoy your day. The wedding day passes quickly and it will be a shame not to enjoy the whole day.


I offer different time solutions, as a base I offer a package with 8 hours of coverage but there are also packages for more hours or more days.


I never set limits to my creativity. Usually I send at least 500 photos selected and perfected, I will also send you all the original shots in jpg with print resolution.


I dream of living and learning something from everyone every day. If for you the connections between people are important and you think that this thing must be visible in your wedding photos then we have already chosen.
My couples are special because they see me as their friend and I can get more out of their soul than just emotion ...


Wow fantastic! Write me to check my availability and after having planned the services you want you will have to send me a 30% deposit and after that you will not have to worry about anything, we will organize everything via email.


In reality this is the kind of event I love to photograph, small, more intimate and personal events.


There is nothing more beautiful than this. Fantastic! Write me your ideas, your desires and we can talk about it together. I too can offer you some fantastic ideas ... let's discover them together.


How much is your memory worth to you? If you want something that remains forever then don't think about discounts.
I will be happy to offer discounts if you get married in some places that I want to explore, so write to me and tell me about your wedding and I will send you the price created for you.


01 / I will learn to know you

After booking your wedding I will send you some questions that will help me understand your tastes, your world, so as to be able to create wonderful images for you that represent you.

02 / We plan your big event

A week before the wedding I will contact you to establish together the schedules and the program of the wedding day.
Well, do we want to know each other? I'd like (if we're both available) the day before the wedding to come to you to meet you and have a drink with you.

03 / Let's enjoy this new experience

Finally the big day has arrived! I will not have slept the night before as always and that morning the coffee will be my friend. Every time I photograph a wedding I wake up excited and I am an energy explosion because it will be a great new life experience for me.
I will come to you, I will begin to photograph you from the preparation to the party, only a moment I will ask you to spend it together: 15 minutes of couple photos! I don't ask you much but I promise you that it will be the most intimate moment of the whole day and you can laugh and cry while being embraced ... [it will be a unique moment]

04 / The first photos are ready to be lived with your loved ones

After about two weeks from the wedding I will prepare for you a private web gallery with about 50 photos where you can relive a summary of the wedding and share some of the best moments with your friends.

05 / Ready to give you your memories

Within 3 months of your wedding I will be ready to give you all the photos and if you wish, even a photo album.
Remember, it will be the beginning of a new acquaintance between us, from that moment we will never stop knowing us ... for the future.

I don't think I exaggerate saying that Vincenzo is the best photographer that exists ..... he is simply unique as a professional and as a person ..... his boundless passion for photography conveys joy and enthusiasm on the most important day of your life. I would remarry another 10 billion times just to have him share that day with us. He is young, innovative, nice and has character and made us spend a wonderful day ..... yes ... I can say that it is one of the pieces of our love puzzle. Thanks Vins, thanks guys, I recommend it to anyone who wants to spend a unique and exclusive day. / Marika


Hi Vins..What I feel like telling you is THANK YOU..thanks for being able to make my mother smile and happy, her last days, with photos and videos made specifically for her. He was so happy with those photos that he wanted them printed and to every family member who came to his house he said: "they are mine!" ... and so it was! She was so proud of the result of your work that when she flew to heaven, she had your wonderful job next to her, and now they will be with her forever! THANK YOU for what you gave us! .. the last time we saw her happy! And it's only thanks to you! Feli told me that you did the trailer just to show it to her .. I'm sorry that she couldn't see it .. but I am convinced that she too will have seen it from up there .. with tears in her eyes of happiness for the beauty and the masterpiece that you have created all for us, will have thought: "look how beautiful we are all" .. well yes .. you managed to get me excited WONDERFUL .. BEAUTIFUL..EXCITING but above all A TRUE MASTERPIECE !!! Thank you so much for ❤..I will always be grateful for everything you have done for us! Congratulations again for the professionalism and the heart you put, you Vins, your sister Rossella, and all your team!


We relive that day with emotion, and you have been an excellent "travel companion" .. From the moment you arrived home, until the end of our fabulous day .. Present, never intrusive! Vins you are a natural talent .. Your artistic sensitivity has been able to grasp the essence..thank you from the heart Luigi & Carmen


Vins is simply divine.
What that man can see and imagine, what a photo can express, is simply incredible and full of love, and with all his heart he enchants the good moments.
We come from Belgium and if I were to return to a photographer, it would undoubtedly be Vins! /Dimitri e Marte


We met Vincenzo watching a TV program, "The most beautiful wedding". We chose him shortly afterwards because looking at his works we got excited and not only. Vins is a very simple guy who loves what he does, a humble and very helpful person. The love for his work is palpable. You read it in his eyes and in his shots.
On May 23rd we only had confirmation of all our feelings. For us, he and his staff have been friends before artists. They captured our emotions, understood our moods and summed up our best day in an exceptional job. Thank you very much Vins and family. /Florian


"... I would give anything to hear you say again, that the universe was made, only to be seen by my eyes ..." Thanks Vins Massaro for showing us our universe with your own eyes! /Giuseppe


I heard about Vins as a Golden Boy, from the best wedding planners in Italy ...
I still remember the emotion I felt in looking at his wonderful masterpieces for the first time!
An explosion of emotions so great that he did not hesitate for a moment to contact him and confirm it for our big day ...
His is not only art, but MAGIC!
Empathy, wit and sensitivity are only the first adjectives that can try to describe it ...
He pampered us in such a sophisticated way that thanks to the splendid result we have been dreaming of as children for months!
Thank you very much Vins! /Ylenia



My commission starts at a base of 2200 €, for the wedding photographic service only.
Let me know your need, and I will send you a detailed personalized estimate.


Ciao! I'm Vins

You get married? ask me anything, I will reply quickly

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