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I’m Vins Massaro and I’ve been dealing with artistic wedding photography for years. During my career as an international wedding photographer around Europe, I’ve had the opportunity to know dozens of married couples from all over the world and luckily visit numerous locations chosen as destinations for weddings.

Have a look at my list below including some of the best wedding destinations in Europe. I wish this can help to provide you with some inspiration!

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The quintessence of the Mediterranean identity, thanks to its unique and distinctive features: strong, generous land, bathed everywhere by an incomparable sea, warm, sunny, colorful, full of aromas and culinary suggestions, myths and stories handed down from generation to generation, home of wonderful places like its capital Athens or the oriental Thessaloniki, like the epic Ithaca and the mythological Crete, or like its numerous islands that emerge from the sea as pins on a blue map: Mykonos, Santorini, Skiathos, Corfu, Rhodes, Zante etc. Hundreds of characteristic places could be named for a wedding in Greece where two spouses could say ‘yes, I do’ and live a simply unforgettable wedding photography experience!


Like Greece, Spain is also an authentically Mediterranean nation and, as the Spaniards say, ‘caliente’. The coasts of the whole eastern side, from Barcelona to Valencia with a view of the Balearic Sea, from Benidorm to Malaga to Marbella in the southernmost point, are one of the European areas most loved by international tourists, who literally rush there during the long summer season. However Spain and its colorful cities such as Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza or Seville are becoming an increasingly frequent destination for weddings abroad. As an artistic wedding photographer, I must admit that Spain is one of the places that has always fascinated me most and which, in my opinion, manages to transform any destination wedding into a pure show.


Getting married in Paris and being photographed under the Eiffel Tower dressed as a bride (for her) or groom (for him) has always been your dream? Please notice that you are not the only one, since Paris, and France in general, are one of the most popular wedding destinations in Europe. But getting married in style in France and treating yourself to a professional wedding photographer is also possible in many other cities or locations in this splendid country. From the aristocratic Lyon to the “Ville Rose” Toulouse, from the sparkling Biarritz on the Atlantic Ocean to the rustic town of La Rochelle or to the medieval and fascinating Brest, in the Brittany region. It is difficult to be disappointed if you choose France for your wedding abroad.

French Riviera

Wedding photography on the French Riviera deserves a separate chapter. It has probably been the most glamorous occasion of my career as an international wedding photographer in Europe. Here you can get celebrate your wedding in France and at the same time feel like a star, while you and your guests are sipping a glass of champagne after the ceremony in some sumptuous estate down in Cannes or Montecarlo.


One of the most unexpectedly astonishing wedding photography experiences of my entire life. The light of Marsa at dawn or the color of the sunset in Rabat alone are worth the choice of a destination wedding in Malta.

Rome, Italy: the Eternal and Glorious Capital of Italy, one of my favorite wedding locations. More details here!

Puglia Region, Italy: my homeland, the place where it all began, the region voted as the Best travel destination in the world by Lonely Planet. More details here!

Other ideas

In my career I got to meet newlyweds who decided to get married in Portugal because they were both fans of Cristiano Ronaldo, others who wanted to give themselves an artistic wedding photography set in Switzerland immersed in the snow of the Alps, others who chose to get married in Austria and Vienna as a wedding destination, others who needed an international wedding photographer in Croatia to follow them during their boat ceremony off the coast of Hvar, still others wanted to celebrate their elopement in Europe with some vibrant emotional photography in the mountains of Cyprus! In short, you never get bored with my job.

There’s no better eye and lens than a native’s to capture the beauty of Europe and glorify it as a leading part of your love tale.


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