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Europe is full of suggestions and is home to plenty of enchanting places, ideal to frame a special date like your wedding day. If you’re daydreaming of a wedding or a romantic getaway in Europe, you will be spoiled for choice among the thousands of options available. You can celebrate your special day in one of the renowned Italian cities of art (Rome, Florence, Naples or Venice) or escape to the hills of Tuscany or inland to Puglia. You can alternatively exchange your love vow at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or on a sunny beach in southern Spain. Such a unique day in one of the many dream scenarios that Europe can offer deserves to be immortalized in the best way, with no improvisation. There’s a chance that you will be flattered with questionable wedding packages in Europe by tour operators, which offer all-inclusive solutions and a wedding photography service blindly, but the best thing that a young married couple can do is to rely on a true professional photographer in Europe.

I am Vins Massaro and I have been dealing with wedding photography for years. I have captured dream weddings across Europe for clients from all over the world. Photography is a profession that requires study and accuracy. Having a good camera is not enough to capture epic moments. My job is to draw every single photographic project together with the newlyweds, choosing the tone and type of photography that best suits their story and their characters. In addition, I will customize the project based on the location they have picked. Europe reserves a thousand surprises and infinite corners of paradise, each of which requires a particular visual interpretation and a careful reading of the light for each shot in each scenario.

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