An elegant wedding in Masseria Salamina, Puglia

Rose and Patrick are the protagonists of this story. They are above all the protagonists of the Italian Dream.

They came to Italy from very far away, from Australia. Rose and Patrick are a married couple that I had the pleasure of following for two days both during the welcome ‘white party’ and on the wedding day.

In Ostuni and then in Masseria Salamina, a magical location
So Rose with Italian origins and Patrick, the groom, an Australian … With these assumptions, a new friendship and a perfect feeling could only be born that allowed me to take breathtaking photos.

The feeling with the couple is important to be able to understand the spouses. Because if there is a feeling there is communication. In fact, if the spouses feel at ease even in the photos, taken in pure reportage, they will perceive naturalness and relaxation. Authenticity and naturalness are the keywords of this photo shoot.

As a location for their wedding they chose the white city of Ostuni. A Catholic wedding with a reception in a typical masseria. Consequently a perfect Italian, indeed decidedly Apulian wedding!


Photographer / Vins Massaro

Wedding Videographer / Fabula Film

Venue / Masseria Salamina





Vins Massaro



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