As a photographer who thrives on capturing authentic moments, my lens had the privilege to document a breathtaking union at the historic Masseria Mangiato in the heart of Puglia.

This enchanting venue, steeped in history and kissed by the Mediterranean sun, provided the perfect canvas for a modern and reportage-style photoshoot.

Against the backdrop of Masseria Mangiato’s rustic charm and scenic landscapes, I focused on preserving candid emotions and genuine interactions.

With every click, I aimed to encapsulate stolen glances, hearty laughter, and the raw, unscripted essence of love.

The wedding unfolded like a story, woven into the walls of this ancient gem. From the bride’s joyful tears as she prepared for her journey down the aisle, to the groom’s awe-struck expression as he beheld his beloved di lei, every frame told a tale of a love that transcends time.

The textures of Puglia’s architecture mingled seamlessly with the couple’s vibrant energy, resulting in photographs that mirrored the authenticity of their bond. As the day progressed, the sunlit courtyard and centuries-old olive trees bore witness to heartfelt promises and shared dreams.

At Masseria Mangiato, history and love converged to create an unforgettable experience. Through my lens, I aimed to etch this love story into images that would forever remind the couple of the day they embarked on their shared journey.

In a corner of Puglia, where past and present dance harmoniously, I was humbled to document the emotions that painted the canvas of Masseria Mangiato. This chapter in their story is one that I’m honored to have captured—a testament to a love that will endure as beautifully as the venue that hosted it.

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